Why I threw the oil industry and was a plumber

  • Dec 28, 2019

For now I work as a plumberI will not say that the work I really like. But with this work I can always earn a piece of bread and butter. Five years ago I wanted to instead of oil, apply on bread and jam still, and perhaps caviar. Therefore, it was decided to wean courses, an assistant driller in workover (pom.bur. KRS).

photo source - Yandex pictures.
photo source - Yandex pictures.

What I was naive, Counting on the fact that the three-month course will enable me to earn neftedolary. Incidentally, the memories I pushed Zen channel dedicated to the oil industry, zachitalsya- Woman engineer.

It is one thing to wean, another job. Friends in the area I have, but the burden they would not be. So I decided from the middle part of Russia travel to Nizhnevartovsk at Samotlor. Since there is one of the major fields. And this means a lot of service companies.

Deliberately went at the beginning of the summer to the winter get used to frost, hardships and privations of life in shifts. On the first day, on arrival, directly to the train located in a mini hotel, leaving things raced through the organization. By that time, was very helpful and internet job search brought no problems.

In normal service organizations required work experience, and I do not have. Therefore, the search work is done by organizations all in a row, with the expectation that gain experience, go to the norms of the company ...

I was able to settle in "sharaga" with a promised salary of 25 tr Well, I think luck newcomer norms. The first six months of the "tag" I came out 17-19 tr, that is not enough for the north. Well, I think we suffer, I gain experience. After the change of the organization ZP deposits rose to 25-27.No I did not last for long. And I Fired! After working for one year.

photo source - Yandex pictures.
photo source - Yandex pictures.

Reasons for dismissal

  1. Low salary in the oil industry in the working of the mouth, especially in recent times. They attribute this to the fact that almost all the deposits belong Rosneft.
  2. High morbidity and mortality when dealing with high pressure and hoisting equipment. Cases have been on my watch.
  3. irregular meals. They are preparing themselves.
  4. In the winter cold, summer heat and midge. BRR.
  5. During the year the house otsutstvuesh 6 monthsCan not you see the family and children. Yes, and the forehead begins to itch all nars that either grow back.
  6. loss of health, For the year he has lost 10 kg. When growth was 173 weigh 65 kg.
  7. standing checks by supervisors.
  8. emissions Oil and gas poisoning.

smart idea

Oil and plumbing work with the same pipes, only one in which the oil flows, and others water. And the tube have one bit of authenticity and the pressure a little higher. A shut-off valve is almost the same.

In any case, this experience was useful to me. Now any work grace for me. Work pomburom this AD. except in cases when the team stands on the development work is done geophysics or fracturing.

Sometimes I admire people working for many years on the mouth, that's who you have to pay salaries Sechin.

For those who do not understand in terms of the oil industry - an intelligent read blog- woman engineer, It will be helpful.