Svarochnik bought for 680 rubles. And rescued purchase 1 hour.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Two years ago, "psihanul" and bought a cheap, flimsy welding machine for polypropylene pipes for a very low price. Self employed plumber, so versed in "solders", I can give an opinion on the suitability of the device to carry out his responsibilities.

Apparatus for welding of plastic pipes Aquaprom.
Apparatus for welding of plastic pipes Aquaprom.

Normal Turkish "iron" for welding of plastic pipes in the shop is three thousand rubles, they are well suited to perform time-consuming tasks. But in fact they are bulky. In order to crawl into tight spaces, such as behind the toilet and do not burn yourself or damaging the plastic panels or tubes, was purchased this svarochnik. Great Expectations and long-term work is not expected from him.

Welding apparatus for polypropylene tubes.
Welding apparatus for polypropylene tubes.


1) Welding apparatus

2) Stand

3) Bits 6 pieces of 20 to 63 mm.

4) Case.

Minuses: complete missing shears pp pipes, they have to buy separately. Cord length with plug least 1 meter. Device stop button is offline, it is necessary to twist the thermostat to "zero" on or off of a fork. In a month later nozzles burnt cover, they start to stick a hot polypropylene. The build quality is below average, but the unit's operation is not affected.

"Iron" and nozzles
"Iron" and nozzles

This "soldering" suited for short works, such as tapping tees at the wash basin, installation of meters. On the first day you bought it, he paid for itself. As set then I remember 2 counters on polypropylene and work took 700 rubles.

Especially for readers took a video of the device.

As you can see from the video need to be replaced nozzle tubes at a higher quality.

2 years of operation.

Surprisingly but he continues to work and bring the "Cache". Maybe I got lucky assembly. Only required to replace the nozzle. Unfortunately the "Iron" is hard to find on sale at that price. Aliekspress looked on, they are on sale, but dorozhe- link.

By the way, this "svarochnik" I've used for other purposes, the photo above. Made a hole in it... But more about that next time, if you would be interested to see your "interest" will help me huskies and comments. Click!