Signs and sanitary surveillance.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Over 15 years as a plumber I have accumulated some signs and observation. Information is useful for many, not only from the usual curiosity, but also for practical use.

1) Got from the basement all the stained - on the next application owner of the apartment will be pretty pretty girl.

2) Leave tool after running the application, be sure to come back to this apartment. But it is not only a tool but also to correct any "shoals" leak adjustment, etc. But lately, the tool does not leave.

3) N woman invited on the application - most likely it will become a regular customer.

4) The owner or owner of the apartment "harmful" - the work does not go, to spend more time to repair than usual.

5) Client It stands behind and watches how an rabota- more chances nakosyachit.

6) mate with pohmelya- longer have to work hard.

7) Head yelled the morning, or in the case without dela- applications run slower.

8) has accumulated with a decent amount shabashek - iron horse will ask its share (repair).

9) stinks a dead cat in podvale- catch fleas.

10) The richer interior in the apartment more expensive plumbing services.

These observations fluent promptly inserted 15 minutes. Brothers Komrad Read the article and you have signs?

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