Plastic water meter nightmare plumbing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Ten years ago, on the shelves of stores of sanitary engineering, began to receive water meters are entirely made of plastic. In our city at that time was going to rush the installation of meters and the counter made entirely of plastic has become a bestseller due to its low price. A hundred rubles cheaper than brass performance.

- "Damn the day when I got behind the wheel of this vacuum cleaner." -

Oh, right ...

- "Be not Laden the designer who invented the plastic body water meter." -

All the plumbers who installed the water meter is not recommended to install such devices. Thereby killing the development of the counters in a plastic case. Purchases decreased water meters shops and factories have suspended production of water meters.

Why did it happen? Cons counter.

1) When installing water meters instead of the old had to be replaced mounting nuts also made of plastic, the more work that is rarely paid by the client.

2) The thread of plastic is often frustrated"Licks" and a new counter with stripped threads had to be thrown out. Plumbing had to pay for the purchase of a new "normal" water meter from his own pocket.

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3)installation such devices on the iron pipes are almost always not possible, this is due to the fact that iron pipes were wrong. And body water meter was not possible to equalize the imbalance.

Advantages of plastic water meters.

1) The low price of water meters. Due to the absence in the case of non-ferrous metals.

2) The plastic housing no galvanic couples, It affects the long-term reliability. These counters are changed only in connection with the expiration of the service life. there was virtually no damage.

At the moment there are no such kind of counters. But in China wholesalers offer the gross body of such devices. Perhaps some sort of entrepreneur once again takes over the supply of plastic water meters. But you, my dear reader, do not take them. Take care of your nerves plumbing.

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