Hot tap water can not be drunk?! We understand why it is impossible to do so.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Dialing hot tap water in the kettle boils it faster. If you drink hot water from the tap is not chilled gorlo- logical? YES! But why do not do most of the population of apartment buildings? If you ask someone, or why not drink hot water from the tap that many people do not know the answer. But they are sure to say, it can not be all.

We will understand why the order of hot water is not safe to drink? Entering the apartment the water should meet the requirements of GOST 2874-82 * Drinking water. Therefore, theoretically, the water from the faucet can be consumed by not preparing in advance. If the cold water coming from the water lift goes directly to the already cleaned and disinfected to the consumer, then the hot water a little bit the other way.

The cold water coming from the water lifting vodokanal enters the special point - it occurs in boiler water heated to the required temperature. A minimum of 60 degrees at this temperature the growth of harmful microorganisms is unlikely.

A boiler that heats water in a device has a tube which runs TECHNICAL liquid-coolant heated to high temperatures. Our drinking water is in contact with the tubes is heated to the required temperature. Theoretically, there was drinking water heating you can drink.

But in fact outdated boilers are worn out. Brass tube which runs Technical liquid was heated and water we do not always tight. And to our drinking water is mixed into fluids, which makes the hot water is not potable.

Here on this, we turned off the hot water in the summer, in the heat. At this time they spend prevention work for cleaning water heating systems of the scum, and Troubleshooting cleaning water heating elements.

I am a part of the brigade participated on dismantling the plate heat exchanger on the DHW system. And believe leakage of heat exchangers is quite common. What causes it is not suitable for drinking.

After drinking this water is high likelihood of complications in the gastrointestinal tract -kishechnom (diarrhea). As well as other complications. Take care of yourself !

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Timofei Mikhailov.