Stupid advice plumbers.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In the process, I had to deal with a variety of team-mates. Especially memorable Uncle Kolya. Having worked with him six months, I have identified three tips that he always recommended to owners of apartments. They are in any case should not be performed. Nicholas I usually do not argue, because he was older than me by 20 years. Respect for age.

Request №1: Tenant complains of high pressure in the water, leading to failure of the mixers and high consumption of water...

Solving the problem of Uncle Kolya:

Close the input valve on the half turn.

The problem is partially solved, but will lead to failure of the valves themselves, in case of emergency (leaks) will not be able to close the lead valve. Structurally, the ball valves must be completely closed or opened before the end. Covering a crane on the floor inside ball circulation valve overgrown deposits. And crank handle is not possible.

Request №2: Adjust the tank of the toilet, a high consumption of water at the sink ...

Solving the problem of Uncle Kolya:

Insert the water bottle into the toilet

The problem will be solved on the 1.5-liter. Modern fittings toilet allows you to adjust the volume of the discharged liquid over a wide range. Perhaps during the "Soviets" this method was relevant, but not now.

Application number 3: Lost pressure in the mixer ...

Solving the problem of Uncle Kolya:

Remove the aerator from the tip of the goose and not when it is not put on the mixer.

The pressure in the mixer is often lost due to clogging aerators at the tip of goose. It is necessary to unscrew and clean just an ordinary needle. If faucet aerator works without the water consumption can increase by 30%. Quite a lot, do not you, dear reader, is not it?

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Timofei Mikhailov.