Layfak for housewives. Saving detergent.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Not one kitchen at the moment, is not without detergent. Producers of the popular brands of special facilities for washing dishes, intentionally releasing uncomfortable container to store them.

The best dish detergent, IMHO.
The best dish detergent, IMHO.

Think of yourself in the kitchen when trying from a container with a means to drip on the sponge cleanser!

Usually it goes like this: "Oh bl & where so much." Usually poured over detergent than needed. And these effects have two hands are busy which is not very comfortable.

Life hacking.

Take the empty container from under the washing facilities.

Pour detergent into it.

Voila handy container with detergent dispenser, we're done.

FROMtavim our know-how to its rightful place and use on health.

When you pour extra money on the sponge, then you finish the bottle faster. Accordingly, the faster will run to buy it. If you look at all the cleansers for the Russian market, then they release them in uncomfortable utensils. It seems a trifle and across the country is not small money for the manufacturer. And if you think about the environment... But that's another story.

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