Installation of water meters in the dorm and komunalke saves money.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Installation of water meters in communal apartments, one of the challenges for its citizens. It necessarily must be solved as well as payment for utility services only grows with each passing year. What you need to know and how to solve this issue?

Photo from personal archive.
Photo from personal archive.

I am a practicing plumber and tell you how to solve this issue.

1) Refer to the management company (ZHEU) and specify that it is necessary to install metering devices.

2) Usually require the consent of all owners. You need to collect the signatures.

3) Invite any adequate and experienced installers meters. There are nuances and complexity when installing counters in communal apartments. You may need access to the basement to shut off the risers and change WAN input circuit and HVS. I recommend to replace opening valves on the risers.

4) Acquire water meters and the material which is required for the installation of metering devices (coordinate with plumber). In my practice in a communal set of up to eight meters. Money spent on materials and installation work counter divided by the number of owners.

5) After the installation of meters, invite controller for sealing and registration counters.

At the moment, we, the total amount of water consumed for the month divided by the total registered in a communal apartment. Trust after the installation of water meters payment will be much less than calculated. Provided serviceable plumbing.

The cost of meter installation pays for itself in 3-6 months. And then the direct savings.

Photo from personal archive.
Photo from personal archive.

P / s in a communal apartment to live the most vulnerable segments of the population. They live not only alcoholics as many think, but also adequate, driven life circumstances in the 13 square meters citizens. At the same time life in a communal apartment is much more expensive than in a studio apartment. But installing water meters, the rent reduced. If you are adequate and able to count the money, then put water meters without hesitation.

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