Take a jar of cream, egg shells and turns cool casket

  • Dec 28, 2019

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A couple of years ago, makes an interesting casket from a jar of cream and eggshell. The result was a very interesting result, which I want to share with you. Its production is very simple, but will have to be a bit of patience, when you work with an egg shell.

For the manufacture of boxes you will need:

· Empty jar of cream;

· A piece of sandpaper;

· Solvent;

· PVA glue;

· Eggshell;

· Decoupage napkin;

· Acrylic paint, white.

Before working with the egg shell, it is necessary to prepare. Shell of raw eggs to soak in warm water for 1-2 hours. Then, remove a few layers of film on the inside. All the eggs a different number of films from 1 to 3-4. Be sure to remove all. If you stay at least 1 layer, further bad smell appears. Dry the shell about 1 hour, and it is ready for operation.

Step 1.

Emery paper we clean the entire jar with a lid. They need to be well scratch that would be in the future for them is well kept shells.

Wipe jar solvent or nail polish remover.

Step 2.

At the start jar to stick eggshells. Apply PVA glue, apply a piece of a finger and press that he broke into 2-4 parts. Toothpick fix our pieces that have gaps between them were about the uniform. Completely remove small pieces.

Paste the entire jar and just cover. We reserve the glue to dry for a couple of hours.

Step 3.

Eggshell paint jar with white acrylic paint to 2 times, with an interval of 20-30 minutes between coats.

Step 4.

Take a decoupage napkin with a small figure and hands tearing the bits you want. When the tear hands, then the edges will not be visible when pasted cloth.

Sticking fragments napkins on a jar on PVA glue diluted with half water. Leave to dry for 1 hour.

Step 5.

Acrylic lacquer cover layer 1-2.

Bag ready!

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