Easy Christmas Crafts from the glass, and a DVD

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Today we will do a very simple Christmas crafts of glass glasses, DVD disc and some other materials. Hack is really very simple and not costly in terms of money. And to make it possible for 40 minutes, maximum 1 hour (not including drying time).

For the manufacture of materials needed:

· DVD drive;

· A glass or wine glass;

· Small bumps;

· PVA glue, hot glue;

· Sequins (glitter), large spangles sprocket;

· Beads;

· Belt with rhinestones;

· Glittering snowflakes;

· Thick candle.

This hack is not only decorate your room, but also be quite useful during the holiday season and beyond.

Step 1.

On the cone plot the PVA glue and sprinkle with glitter. Leave to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Step 2.

Using hot glue glue on the cone a few beads.

Step 3.

Glue a lump in the center of the DVD disc.

Step 4.

On the drive over bumps inflict PVA and sprinkle with large sequins asterisks.

Step 5.

On the glass we put hot glue and glue it to the disk, so that the lump was roughly in the middle of the glass.

Step 6.

From ribbons with crystals cut off small pieces and glue on the glass. To disk glued some brilliant snowflakes.

Christmas, festive candlestick ready. Candle can also be a little glitter to decorate.

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