If you need a plastic sheet, it can be made from waste

  • Dec 28, 2019

Friends, all hello!

After repairs at home I stayed trim sewer plastic pipes. Besides, I was doing some handicrafts made of pipes, and then, too, were the remnants of which I, as an amateur to do something with their own hands was simply a pity to throw. So they were scattered in the garage around.

Then came a moment when I needed a plastic sheet for the manufacture of another homemade. So I decided to turn the remains of pipes into a useful material for use.

Of course, it is easier to buy ready-made plastic sheet and do not bother, you might think, and what to buy, if it can be for a few minutes to make, and at virtually no cost?

I used for the manufacture of:

· Trim plastic pipes;

· Building a hairdryer;

· The old oven;

· Paper for baking;

· Two flat pieces of plywood;

· Thick gloves;

· Grinder or hacksaw.

Pipes used 110 mm and 160 mm in diameter. At 110 the second plastic thickness of about 2 mm, and 160 th of about 4 mm.

Why and how to use a plastic, everyone decides for himself. I did some fixing parts that just do not exist in the market. And this plastic is very rescued me, because he is easy to work with, and it is quite durable.

Step 1.

Cut into the pipe on the dates of my size and cut them lengthwise.

Step 2.

First decided to try to heat the dryer. All turns out, just long enough. Uniformly warmed entire piece of pipe to a soft state.

Step 3.

The hot plastic is placed on a flat, plywood, and the top cover with the second piece of plywood and stepped on it. I stood for about 3 minutes until the plastic has cooled down.

Step 4.

The second way - is to heat the plastic in the oven. Put a piece of paper for baking, the oven heated up to 200 degrees and stuck into it a piece of pipe.

I used an old oven which no longer prepare food.

Step 5.

After 1-3 minutes took plastic. He looked like a rag. Laid on plywood and covered the second came a few minutes.

Obtained smooth, durable plastic sheets, which can still be used in the distributions and the homemade products.

My opinion:

I liked this method of straightening plastic (but in the oven for more). Hairdryer longer obtained and only pipe 110 th, it has a thin wall, and the dryer capacity suffices. But for the 160 th already need an oven, dryer can not cope.

Warm plastic stands in the open air, as when heated plastic can release harmful fumes. Although the plumbing solder pipe in the room and even with the windows closed, he saw this time and again.

In general, if you need a quick sheet plastic, small size, I advise you to try this method.

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Thank you very much!