Interior decor of old boards and twigs

  • Dec 28, 2019

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In the summer, when he was once again in the village, visiting parents looked after a few old boards, of which I wanted to make decorations. I wanted and did. The decor is very simple, not expensive and it looks very interesting.

I used for the manufacture of:

· A few old boards;

· Dry crooked branch;

· Marker, hacksaw, screws;

· Screwdrivers, grinders;

· Gas burner;

· Emery paper;

· Acrylic paint and acrylic paint;

· Jute twine;

· Hot glue.

And now I'll tell you everything in detail and show you.

Step 1.

Took 3 boards (size arbitrary, you can make any) laid out on the table and took a couple of boards, which will be held together the entire structure.

Step 2.

Screw the screws into the boards and broke off protruding ends.

Step 3.

On grinders set a stiff brush and walked along the wooden shield to give the wood surface roughness, and a more pronounced texture.

Step 4.

Gas burner burned tree. Sometimes heavy, but somewhere less. Instead burners can be diluted with a small fire and burn it.

Step 5.

Major sandpaper smoothed out the wood from burning and soot. Plus, after nazhdachki, get an interesting texture.

Step 6.

Covered boards with acrylic lacquer.

Step 7.

I took dry gnarled branches and cleaned them with bark. The branches of any tree fit, as long as there would be for sloppy.

Step 8.

Colored threads of white acrylic paint.

Step 9.

At the rear of the shield fastened a pair of screws and tied twine jute.

Step 10.

Branches stuck to the boards with hot glue. It is better, for greater reliability, even in addition to glue some glue that would not fall off branches.

Inlay ready. I hung it on the wall on the veranda.

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