I found a bunch of old DVD drives and did a mini vase

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear needlewoman and rukodelniki!

I found in the closet a whole bunch of older DVD drives, and decided to make it decorative mini bowl. Its production is very simple and will not take much time. In a vase you can put a small decorative flowers and decorate your desktop or shelf.

For the manufacture of vases needed materials:

· DVD discs 16 pieces;

· The cardboard tube from a toilet paper or the other;

· A piece of cardboard;

· Acrylic paint;

· Hot glue;

· Self-adhesive rhinestones.

This hack can be done with the children, it will be very interesting.

Step 1.

Cardboard tube violet paint with acrylic paint and leave for 1 hour to dry completely. Cover the tube with acrylic lacquer.

Step 2.

Take 16 drives and cut segments from them, throwing out the central part of the hole.

If the disc is not cut, crack and break, then soak them for a few minutes in hot water. After that, they must be easy to cut without marriage.

Step 3.

Merge pairs segments, shiny side out.

Step 4.

On one side of the cardboard tube glue a circle of cardboard, which is also painted with acrylic paint.

Step 5.

On the cardboard tube glue wheels.

Step 6.

On the neck of the vase and on the ends of disk glue adhesive rhinestones. At the ends of the disc sticking rhinestones at 1 Dix.

The vase is ready, you can put decorative flowers in it.

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Thank you very much!