Bag made of old jeans with their own hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, my dear readers!

Today I want to show you how to sew a bag out of old jeans with his hands. This video gained on our Youtube channel more than 14 million. views, and today decided to write a step by step wizard class. Bag turned out pretty simple and pretty.

For sewing bags we used:

· Old jeans;

· A piece of soap or chalk;

· Scissors;

· Threads with a needle;

· Ruler;

· Pin;

· Several large beads.

We specially sewn by hand, to show that you can do without the sewing machine. But you can use to accelerate the machine.

Step 1.

From old jeans cut off the leg, just below the knee. Cut along the leg, around the seam or nearby.

Step 2.

Sleeve piled on each other inside out and begin to crosslink. Sew 3 side.

Step 3.

To bend at the bottom corners of the bag, note piece of soap and sews. The same is done with the second side.

Everted bag is half the work performed.

Step 4.

Remove the pocket cut out a piece from the rest of the jeans. Mark up strip 5 cm wide and cut. All you need 6 strips.

Step 5.

Braid cut strip 2 strip 3 braids each. It will handle bags. We sew the handle to the bag.

Step 6.

On a piece of jeans draw a wavy line and cut.

Step 7.

Undulating band collect a flower. In the center of the flower sew beads. To make it clearer, here is a piece of video, how to make a flower.

Step 8.

Spread the flowers on the bag as you enjoy more, and sew them.

Bag ready.

Write your opinion in the comments how you this bag?

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