Tins storage fines 5 minutes from plastic bottles

  • Dec 28, 2019

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I have accumulated a few bottles of Coke, and I thought that would make of them? Thought and thought and decided to make a simple jars for storing various small things. And lying on the balcony of the little things, in all sorts of bags, which is not very convenient.

For manufacturing bottles fit bottles of any volume, 0.5 l., 1 liter, 1.5 and so on. D. It depends on what they want to store.

Jars can actually be done in 5 minutes, with little or no cost.

Materials and tools:

· Plastic bottles;

· Scissors, marker;

· A wide tape.

Suitable not only bottles of Coke, but others too.

Step 1.

From a plastic bottle cut off about half, just below the label.

Step 2.

Painted marker cut line and where you need to cut off the excess plastic. Cut and cut off all unnecessary. Here's what happened.

Step 3.

Bent petals into jars and sealed with tape in 2-3 layers.

These are the jars I turned, left to sleep in their detail.

I made the mistake of detail needed to fill up not through the neck, and from the bottom, even when the petals were not plastered. So it will be much faster and more convenient.

Of these jars is quite convenient to pour small things little by little, in small portions.

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