Mat with his hands out of old T-shirts

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Today's master class on how to make a mat with your hands out of old T-shirts. Mat T-shirts can be made of almost any size, from the smallest to the giant. We did a little to show the manufacturing process itself.

Yes, it is easier to buy than to do something, if you're of the opinion, please, pass by, you do not need to waste your time on this article.

A small rug with your own hands can be done in a few hours. It can even be gently washed by hand or in the delicate washing in the machine.

For the manufacture of needed materials and tools:

· Thick cardboard;

· Thick HB thread;

· A few old shirts;

· Stationery knife, scissors, a large needle, a pencil, a ruler.

Step 1.

Cut the old T-shirts (or other knit items) into strips 5 cm wide. Strips stretch hands.

Step 2.

Take a thick cardboard, a size of a wish to make a mat. From two opposite sides of the mark up paperboard at intervals of 1 cm and a depth of 1 cm. Making the cuts along the lines of office knife.

Step 3.

Thick thread start stretching through slits made in the cardboard.

Step 4.

We begin to thread the strip from t-shirts through the skin. Passing through one. That is, one below the other thread from the top, bottom, top, and so on until the end of the carton. The last band will be convenient to push a wooden skewer.

Threaded strips alternating color to your liking, as you like. Fill in all the cardboard to the end. Strips from T-shirts are cut off, that they were the same length.

Step 5.

At the corner of cardboard bind the same thick thread, the first transverse threads and binds each band T-shirts.

Step 6.

Remove the mat with cardboard.

All mat ready, can be used.

Unfortunately, step 5 is difficult to describe in words and pictures, so if you do not understand, look at the video:

Look at what we have made of the material:

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