Do not throw away plastic containers, one can do a lot of interesting

  • Dec 28, 2019

Good day, my friends!

All of us in varying degrees, use disposable plastic containers. But not everyone knows that they do not just throw mono and make interesting crafts. But not from any container, namely a container made of plastic №6.

I appeal to the people to whom everything is easier to throw out and buy, not something to do with your hands, please do not waste your time on this article, simply pass by.

To reuse the containers you will need:

· Plastic containers with plastic №6;

· Scissors, permanent marker, a computer;

· Parchment paper or foil;

· Oven (microwave will not work).

I have met on the Internet, selling sets of such plastic and various colors. Draw on the plastic, cut and bake in the oven. Are these kits are not very cheap. So why pay the extra money if you can do the same from waste material?

The essence of the process is as follows. This plastic by heating is greatly reduced in size, but significantly increased in thickness. It becomes very strong, hands is almost impossible to break.

From this plastic can make key chains, fridge magnets, jewelry and more, that will be enough to your imagination.

And now everything in order and step by step.

Step 1.

Such containers are of various shapes and sizes. The main condition - it is number 6 in the triangle of arrows.

Cut pieces of smooth, without ribs. Although it is possible, and with them, they straighten when heated.

Step 2.

Carved on a piece of plastic paint marker for any image. I do not know how to paint, so will translate from the computer screen. You can also transfer the picture from a book, magazine, etc.

Marker used permanent, it is very stable and do not just erased. Pictures on the plastic slightly modified, painted.

Step 3.

I cut out pictures.

Step 4.

CAUTION! Be careful with the oven, not to burn your hands. I have exactly what happened when his hands reached into the preheated oven.

Microwave for work does not fit!

Oven heated up to 150-160 degrees during 5-10ti minutes. I do not advise to put more than 160 degrees, otherwise the plastic will start to melt, which is not good.

In baking put a piece of parchment paper (available foil), and placed a plastic.

Just after 5-7 seconds the plastic begins to shrink greatly decreasing in size and becomes thick, about 2 mm.

If you still have the plastic starts podplavlyatsya, then lower the temperature to 130 degrees. So it will be a little longer, but without consequences.

baking process is very fast and fun.

As I wrote above, it is possible to make different crafts. I burned a hole and get a cool key rings which can not be bought in a store.

Now that throw another container, look, it's made out of plastic.

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