Simple basket of jute rope

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello my dear readers!

Long time we did not make a basket. And today will show you how to make a basket of jute rope. You can also use another rope.

To make a basket needed materials:

· Jute (or other) line, about 11 meters;

· Hot glue;

· Food film;

· Any hand cream or petroleum jelly;

· A large metal cup;

· Scissors.

It is quite not cheap hack as jute rope is expensive. You can use a cable of a different material, which is cheaper. But this basket will last a very long time, and this is not to buy in the store. At least we are not seen on the market.

Step 1.

A large metal bowl with cling film wrap and carefully lubricate hand cream or Vaseline.

Step 2.

We begin to glue the rope hot glue. Due to the fact that the fiber rope, hot glue is very good and reliable it sticks together.

Curl and glue the bottom of the basket and go to the side.

Step 3.

When we reached the bottom of the cup, its extract and remove the film.

Step 4.

Cut the rope, leaving 20-30 cm. Clipped the tip is glued to it, "Mohr". Glue the remaining end on the side of the basket, a little spiraling.

Step 5.

Now we start to twist and glue the lid of the basket. We do cover the size of the basket.

Step 6.

Cut the rope from 30-40 centimeters. Paste it in the center and the rest of the glue on the lid radius - it will handle.

Cart is ready, you can use it at their discretion

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