Fabulous Christmas decorations with their own hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Today I will share with you how to make Christmas decorations with their own hands. Christmas crafts will be interesting to do with the kids, for them it will be like a fairy tale. It will not be a bad gift for the New Year.

What would make the decor, the following materials are needed:

· Soft cardboard tube;

· Hotmelt and PVA glue;

· Electrical candles with batteries;

· Foamiran (FOM);

· Sequins (glitter);

· White acrylic paint;

· The tape paste;

· Ball of foam;

· Acrylic nail varnish and versatile in the cartridge;

· A few small bumps;

And now you can start manufacturing.

Step 1.

Cardboard tube cut into varying heights that would be obtained composition.

Step 2.

Candle falls into the tube, it is necessary for this to finish a little. Cut along the tube, insert the candle and glue the tube with hot glue. In general, our goal is to make the diameter of the tube a little less.

Step 3.

Paste all the tubes on white foamiranom PVA glue.

Step 4.

On one side of the tube do tears that would get torn edge curves.

Step 5.

Hot glue "draw" smudges. This is what happens.

Step 6.

2 pieces foamirana glue on PVA. Glue tube to foamiranu and cut off all unnecessary.

That's happened.

Step 7.

Acrylic paint paint tubes centimeters deep at the 3 and paint stains.

Step 8.

Apply acrylic paint and sprinkle with glitter. We try not to fall on the stains.

Step 9.

Glue the ribbon with rhinestones.

Step 10.

We insert a candle.

Part of the decor is ready to continue.

Step 1.

Styrofoam ball prick on skewers and carefully cover with acrylic lacquer.

Step 2.

Liberally sprinkle with large sequins ball and press down lightly with your fingers.

Step 3.

Small bumps varnished and showered with crystals.

Step 4.

Universal varnish cover the balls and cones. Better to do it outdoors.

Everything is ready, collect the composition.

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