2 simple ways to make black paint at home

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, my dear readers!

Today will show you 2 ways how to make black paint at home. Catching crafts we often use black paint. But there was one time when the market simply did not find it. That's why I decided to try to make the paint itself.

I wondered how in the home to prepare a black dye from inexpensive materials and it occurred to me to try these 2 methods, which itself is not bad show.

That would make the black paint I used:
· Carpenter PVA glue (you can try and stationery);
· Acrylate lacquer on a water basis;
· Kohler black.

Frankly, the paint of the PVA is not very liked me, but from all super acrylic lacquer showed itself.

At a cost of such paint out it is not very expensive, at least 3-4 times cheaper than ready-made factory. And the quality of the paint on the acrylic lacquer is almost equal to the factory, only slightly thinner.

What prices?

1. PVA glue (850 c. - 80-100 rubles);
2. Acrylic varnish (1 kg - 250 rubles);
3. Kohler 1 pc - 50 rubles.

This is the price of our construction market. Ready black paint at us costs 850 rubles per 2 kg.

I have to say, do not turn black from white paint. How many color schemes do not pour out, it is still a rich black color will not work.

And now in order.

The first option, with the PVA.

Step 1.

PVA glue poured into a jar. If the glue is very thick, it is necessary to add a little water and stir thoroughly.

Step 2.

The glue is not adding full cap black color scheme. Very good mix. In my opinion, it was possible to pour caramel and less, of that more poured, dye ink did not.

Step 3.

I began to try to apply paint to various surfaces. A plastic bottle, glass bottle, foam moldings, drywall, plaster and paper.

Paint perfectly covers everything. Drying fully from 2 to 12 hours depending on the surface to be coated. As well as the temperature and humidity room.

The result was a deep black, completely matt.
Unfortunately, this paint is afraid of water and soaking the finger and rubbing the paint stain. In general, it should cover the top of a spray paint from a container, as the paint brush smeared.

Option Two.

Step 1.

Acrylic lacquer poured into a jar and added a black color. All mix well until uniform in color.

Step 2.

Just as in the first embodiment with different colored PVA surface. Also covers very well.

Depending on the varnish, it is possible to make black paint matte or glossy.
It dries very quickly, literally within 1-2 hours to any surface.

Water is not afraid!

My conclusions:

· Both have a place to be, but the second, as for me, much better;
· The paint gives a very cheap and you can cook for a couple of minutes;
· You can make glossy and matte paint;
· Spreads everything;
· Acrylic dries very quickly;

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Thank you!