Flowerpot as a brand of mayonnaise bucket

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, the needlewoman and rukodelniki!

Not so long ago I post an article, "The stylish flower pot from a bucket of mayonnaise"Which I gained a lot of positive comments and likes.

Today decided to share with you another flower pot from a bucket of mayonnaise, but just made a completely different style and color.

What would make a pot, the following materials are needed:

• Plastic bucket of mayonnaise or other;

• The most common medical bandage;

• Knife sandpaper, nail polish remover;

• PVA adhesive (carpenter);

• Hot glue;

• Delicate lace, the little things;

• Acrylic paints;

• Acrylic lacquer.

Flower pot made so easy, even if you do it the first time, you need all turn out!

Step 1.

In a plastic bucket cut the upper rim that sticks out. Conveniently cut office knife. Just be careful not to cut your hands.

Step 2.

Sandpaper (nulevkoy) extending around the outside of the bucket. What would a little scratch it and make the surface rough. Then wipe the nail polish remover.

Step 3.

Putting a medical bandage for the bucket on top of him and to apply the adhesive PVA. Paste over the entire surface of the circle.

Step 4.

When the glue is dry, about 3-5 hours, to glue different bucket detail. Everything is convenient to glue onto the hot glue, quickly and reliably.

Step 5.

Carefully painted over all that stuck with black acrylic water-based paint and leave to dry completely.

Step 6.

Over a black ink are passed white acrylic paint by dry brush.

Step 7.

Cover the pot with acrylic lacquer.

Be sure to cut through the bottom of the hole to drain the water. As the pallet using a plastic plate, which is also painted black and white Otten.

Here is ready to flower pot.

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