2 beautiful idea of ​​recycling tin cans

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello my dear readers!

Today I want to present you 2 beautiful idea of ​​recycling tin cans. This is a very simple idea with his own hands, which will still be and useful. Cans - is a cool, free stuff for creativity.

To implement the ideas we have used:

· Small canning jars;

· Molds;

· Samozadverdevayuschiysya plastic (Polymer clay, cold porcelain);

· Sandpaper, nail polish remover;

· Carpenter PVA glue;

· Acrylic paints of different colors;

· Acrylic lacquer.

The idea first.

Step 1.

Tin jar sandpaper and wiped nail polish remover.

Step 2.

Covered jar of white acrylic paint with a sponge. Left to dry for an hour or two.

Step 3.

Self-hardening plastic (how to cook can be found here) Can be a polymer clay or cold porcelain, that you prefer to be formed in the mold.

Step 4.

For fresh mass is applied PVA glue and glue in the bank. Paste in a circle.

Step 5.

It took 24 hours. Now paint purple acrylic paint, dry them for about 1 hour, and we put a little white paint using a sponge.

Step 6.

When the paint is dry, cover all acrylic lacquer.

Step 7.

Foam cut a circle slightly larger than the diameter of the can and place it inside the bank.

That's all turned cool the needle bar that will always be pleasing to the eye.

The idea of ​​a second.

Step 1.

We do the same with the second jar. We clean sandpaper, wipe liquid and paint with white paint.

Step 2.

MDL molding in mass and resulting glue pattern on the jar. Just glue pattern and the inside. Leave for 24 hours to dry.

Step 3.

Blue paint with acrylic paint and tested slightly white. The white paint is applied after the blue paint has dried.

Step 4.

Article to be coated with acrylic lacquer.

Done! The result was a very nice candle holder.

If something remains not clear, do not look at the video master class:

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