Jewelry box made of sticks for ice cream

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, hello, friends!

We made a simple casket for jewelry made of sticks for ice cream. The result was a very interesting box, which you can repeat at home, even with a child, it will be very interesting.

For the manufacture of boxes need the following materials:

· Ice cream sticks (29 pieces);

· Corrugated cardboard;

· Hot glue;

· Acrylic paint (white and pink);

· Satin ribbon;

· Small bow and bead.

Watch this workshop you will learn how to make a box.

Step 1.

Paint sticks for ice cream acrylic paint on both sides. 15 sticks in pink and 14 white. Or vice versa, it does not matter. Leave to dry on the floor an hour.

Step 2.

While dry sticks, let us marking and cutting of cardboard. Cardboard draw a rectangle with sides 5.5 cm to 7 cm. From one side, which is 7cm from the center, we carry out a perpendicular line 3cm. From the corner, across the top, which is 3cm, outlines a semicircle to the next corner.

Step 3.

Trace 2 such workpiece and cut as shown. Paint details of cardboard pink acrylic paint.

Step 4.

7 Fold stick around and fix them temporarily narrower tape, that they do not shift relative to each other. On hot glue glue sidewalls made of cardboard, which we have done previously.

Step 5.

Both sides pasted on cardboard sticks. On each side of the leaves of 6 pieces.

Step 7.

Now it's time to do the cover box. On semicircular cardboard blank pasted coli, total 10 pieces.

Step 8.

At those places where visible cardboard pasted satin ribbon.

Step 9.

In the same satin ribbon making improvised loops, just stick to the lid and the box.

Step 10.

On the front of the box a little bow and glue bead.

That casket is ready for decoration or something else.

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Thank you very much!