Toy for koteek of cardboard. Quick, easy, fun!

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear readers!

I want to share with you, as I have done for their koteek simple but entertaining toy made of corrugated cardboard. If you have a cardboard box of suitable size, from a laptop, for example, it is still easier. Make a hole and you're done!

But I have such a box was found, this made from scratch. The crafts made of cardboard can be done in 20-30 minutes and to please your pet.

For the manufacture of toys you will need:

• Corrugated cardboard (the thicker, the better);

• line, marker, knife;

• Hot-melt adhesive;

• Balls or foil.

Step 1.

2 cut cardboard piece measuring 40 by 40 cm. Dimensions can be more or less - it does not matter.

Step 2.

Next, cut four strips of the same board measuring 40 by 10 cm.

Step 3.

On the carton to be painted by the upper cover aperture of arbitrary size and shape. The same is done with the lateral parts. And he carved office knife.

Step 4.

Using hot glue stuck the side of the toy to the bottom. First glued opposite directions, and then cutting the bit, approximately 5-7mm, the remaining two sides. For greater strength paced internal hot glue joints. And sticking the top cover.

Step 5.

Foil crumpled up some balls. You can still use the balls of table tennis. All balls thrown inside.

That's all a toy is ready! See how happily play my seals.

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Many thanks!