Stylish flower pot from a bucket of mayonnaise

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, dear readers of the channel Sergeyevich master.

Today I want to share with you an interesting and useful crafts. This flower pot of mayonnaise jars. Make a pot is quite simple, and it will decorate your window sill or table.

For the manufacture of flower pots will need:

· Bucket of mayonnaise or similar;

· Glossy magazine;

· The bituminous varnish (available at the hardware store);

· Solvent 646;

· PVA adhesive (carpenter);

· Hot glue;

· Sandpaper;

· Openwork belt;

· Rag;

· Acrylic lacquer.

The materials defined, now you can start manufacturing.

Step 1.

Plastic bucket we clean sandpaper. This is to ensure that the surface to become rough, what would it adhere well to the adhesive. After the wipe solvent that would remove dust and dirt.

Step 2.

Breaks out of the magazine (required gloss) a few pages and tear them into small pieces of 3-5cm. Using PVA glue paste the pieces in a bucket in a chaotic manner overlapping each other. Leave for a few hours to dry completely.

Step 3.

Soft cloth moistened with solvent and start rubbing pieces of paper on a bucket. Painting begins to dissolve and smear. It turns out the effect similar to the stone.

Step 4.

On cloth pour a little of the bituminous paint and begin to rub the paper in a bucket. We walked across the surface, and immediately before the varnish has dried, a dry rag wipe, removing excess.

Step 5.

On the upper rim and the bottom of the glue brown lacy ribbon to hot glue.

Step 6.

From the same ribbons make a small "flower". Sew the ribbon in a circle, what would have happened something like a flower. We glue hot glue on the bucket and paste it in cent, for example, large bead.

Step 7.

We cover all the bucket acrylic paint, a good soaking and ribbons.

That's all, flower pot ready. Here's what happened.

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Thank you!