Features watering Zamioculcas: how to keep a bright and healthy appearance

  • Dec 24, 2019
A photo: https://rastenievod.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1-59.jpg
A photo: https://rastenievod.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1-59.jpg

Zamioculcas (dollar tree) - undemanding evergreen plant native to tropical regions of Africa. Like many of his collected from the same region, Zamioculcas itself is able to tolerate the adverse growing conditions. The plant is accustomed to survive during periods of drought, so learned to store water and to fold the leaves to reduce surface evaporation.

Knowing this, the question appears immediately. Do you really need any special watering regime for such self-plants? The answer to this is as follows. If you want to give the plant to survive, then watering is not important. Zamioculcas adapt to your conditions. But if you want to see a healthy plant with bright dark green leaves on the watering schedule you need to pay special attention.

moisture level in soil

Despite its simplicity, Zamioculcas can not tolerate long-term stagnation of water in the soil. Primer for the plant must be well drained and light enough, with the addition of sand or sand mixture. In the conditions of the apartment sand can replace charcoal.

spraying Zamioculcas

Spray the tree does not need a dollar. Suffice it once a month to wash away the dust from the leaves with the help of the soul. The procedure is performed under low pressure hot water.

watering Zamioculcas

To avoid stagnation of water in the soil, the plant should be watered moderately warm water defended. After the procedure is required to drain the water from the sump to avoid reverse moisture absorption.

Watering is carried out as the soil dries. In the winter period (late autumn to spring mid) number should be reduced of irrigations twice. In addition to the winter, watering is carried out at a reduction prolonged cloudy weather. It should also pay attention to the temperature of the air. If it drops below normal, watering is allowed only after complete drying of the soil.

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