You drown? Come quickly. New rules for avariyschikov. (DT)

  • Dec 28, 2019

Today at work, toiling as a plumber until we have brought new rules for dealing with a population with emergency admission applications. Speed ​​of execution of works on liquidation of the accident on the water supply, heating and sanitation should be increased.

Let's say you have a neighbor drowns(Ugh, ugh, ugh), the first thing you need to contact the emergency dispatch service. And cause a brigade of fitters for an emergency.

The new regulations state that:

1) Manager must take a call within 5 minutes, but no more. If the manager does not answer, then he is obliged to call the subscriber within 10 minutes.

You must know: All entries are recorded in the log, you can ask the number of your application and find turnaround time. Also in our organization we conducted audio conversations.

What you need to fix the term of receipt of the application?

On receipt of your call, the emergency team should proceed to the emergency localization in 30 minutes. During this time we have to disable plumbing risers with water, for example.

If the mechanic does not have time to come to your flood in half an hour, then you can try to claim damages from the ADF. We notified if we do not hurry rob the prize.Only PSA, I have neither of which did not say).

If clogged drains: We set aside time - Two hours after the call was made.

No more than 3 days you will sit without water. Let's say you are stoked on top, and there is no one lives, the locksmith can not get into the apartment. Over the three days will be to search for a host. If you do not find the vskroyut the door in the presence of the district and remedy the problem.

Way to decrease response time to emergency cases we "nasyalstvo" deigned to increase staff by two units. Well exactly afraid of the new rules.

another stateyka- What to do if you drown neighbors above?


If the apartment it started to rain, then it is a speedy repair.

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