If all people on the planet join hands, can we cordon off the Earth?

  • Dec 11, 2020

Good afternoon, dear readers and subscribers of my channel!

To my article"What area on Earth will the entire population of the planet occupy, gathered shoulder to shoulder?"readers have written a lot of positive comments. Thank you for the positive!

Many asked for more interesting facts, which is why, in fact, the second article on this topic was born.

To date, according to open sources, the population of the entire planet Earth is 7 822 165 000 people and as it turned out, according to the calculations in the first article, all people, gathered shoulder to shoulder, occupy 1130 sq. km. or a relatively small planet-wide square with a side of almost 34 km. (the square root of 1130 is 33.62), the perimeter of which can be bypassed by car in 1 hour at a speed of 140 km / h.

If we imagine this square with a side of only 34 km, then as it turns out, there are very few of us, and the planet seemed to be polluted not by 7.8, but by 780 billion.

In this article, I would like to give a calculation that will show whether we can cordon off the entire planet, holding hands, like a round dance. For the calculation, I will take the length of a circle that divides the planet into two hemispheres with its plane, i.e. equator.

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The equator is ~ 40,076 km long.

Now, we just need to know the distance from the palm to the palm of both hands of a person. Of course, we'll take the average here, since the population of 7.8 billion is infants, teens, and adults alike.

The distance from fingertips to fingertips is a swing fathom or 176 cm, but the round dance is not like that and the hands should be half lowered, so the average distance from palm to palm of a person in this position can be taken in half less or 0.9 m.

Now we calculate how long the chain of all people will turn out:

7,822,165,000 people * 0.9 m. = 7,039,948,500 m.

7 billion meters or 7,039,948 km. - this value is many times the length of the equator. Let's see what time ...

7,039,948: 40,076 = 175 i.e. 175 times more.

Friends, holding hands - we will cordon off the entire planet 175 times, despite the fact that if we get together, you can go around us by car in just one hour!

A very interesting and surprising fact!

Thank you for your attention and all the best to you!

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