Found an unusual way to protect plants from slugs and snails. The neighbors have already appreciated the idea

  • Dec 15, 2020
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My site is located in the Leningrad region on the site of a drained swamp. When the territory was developed and distributed among the workers, few people thought about drainage and soil fertility. However, we were glad even for such plots that were not suitable for agriculture.

The low and damp terrain was immediately chosen by snails with slugs. There were years when mollusks ate up to a third of all plantings. Fighting the problem with the whole street. At evening gatherings, where neighbors from the nearest areas gathered, we humorously discussed attempts to get rid of these pests. Then everyone had similar problems and we solved them with a smile on our face. Those were good times.

The main method of control was collecting pests in a jar or bottle with a lid. Further, everyone has already decided for himself. Someone took it outside the site, and someone immediately burned it.

In the two thousandths, drugs began to appear to combat snails and slugs. Neighbors actively used them, I tried to do without chemistry. Firstly, the result was mediocre, and secondly, there was no extra money at that time.

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I managed to significantly change the situation about five years ago. I was pushed to the decision by plastic bottles, which began to accumulate in large quantities on the shelves in the summer kitchen. They had to be taken out in the trash or started to be used somehow.

The idea was to protect the most vulnerable plants from nocturnal pest infestations. To do this, I took a one and a half liter plastic bottle and cut out the middle part from it. After that, I finely chopped one of the edges of the cylinder so that a plastic pile was obtained. The whole process took about ten minutes.

Photo: Country worker

The protection works as follows. As soon as the pest crawls to the top of the cylinder, the pile begins to bend under the weight of the weight. The chances of the mollusk to overcome the obstacle are diminishing before our eyes.

Photo: Country worker

The pest cannot be in this position for a long time. Soon he finds himself on the ground from where he began his journey.

Photo: Country worker

If the pile is cut thin and long enough, it will be impossible to overcome the protection. In addition to the fact that the plastic bends back, it also severely injures the abdomen of the mollusc. It is important that the wall thickness of the bottle is kept to a minimum.

True, at first the slugs tried to dig under the bottle, but the Lego problem was solved by deepening the cylinder into the ground.

First, I invited my neighbors to look at my homemade product, and then I began to notice similar protections they have. So far, everything works flawlessly.

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