Do not throw away a broken umbrella, from it we can make a useful thing for the kitchen

  • Dec 24, 2019

Friends, all greetings!

Home stray old broken umbrella, which did not want to throw, because it was thought that anything drawn from it. And now it's time to make an old umbrella beautiful and useful thing for the house, and more specifically for the kitchen.

I want to appeal to those people who do not understand that needlework - is primarily a pleasure from the process. For those who are easier to buy, not to do something with their hands. Please do not waste your time on this article. Thanks!

we used for the manufacture of:

· Old broken umbrella (the larger umbrella, the better);

· Thread, needles, sewing meter;

· Sewing machines;

· The sheet of paper, a pencil or a pen;

· Scissors, remnant, pins;

· Iron;

· Multiple beads;

Step 1.

Umbrella dismantled and removed all metal and plastic parts, leaving only the material. Smoothed cloth iron.

Step 2.

On a sheet of paper painted a template for the pattern. On the Internet you can find a lot of patterns to suit all tastes. Or jot down the most.

Step 3.

Template attached to the cloth, secured with pins and a piece of soap outlined indented 1.5 cm. Cut.

Step 4.

Basting a circle with 1 cm gateways. Sews on the sewing machine.

Step 5.

Because tissue residues umbrella cut into strips 2 cm, folding in half and is sewn along the edge. What would have been, as it were, "tube" of tissue. This will be the ribbon apron. Sew them into place.

Step 6.

On a piece of fabric paint remnant, as shown in the photo and cut.

From this band sew flower with bead in the center. We do a few of these flowers.

Watch a short video as sewn flower:

Step 7.

Sew flowers on an apron. There will be more practical if, instead of colors to sew a pocket if the missing tissue.

Bright and practical apron for the kitchen is ready! It can be easily washed, and the fabric is very durable and will last a long apron.

Are there any other useful items for the house we did:

A large plastic bottle can be a useful thing for the house

We would like to throw out an old scarf, but made a useful thing for the house

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Thanks a lot!