What are the hoods for the kitchen (48 photos): how to install it yourself, instructions, photo and video tutorials

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Why is the hood useful?
    • 1.1 The device of modern hoods
    • 1.2 Types of modern hoods
    • 1.3 Performance
    • 1.4 Noise level
  • 2 Conclusion

Gone are the days when the window was also an exhaust hood. Nowadays, there are special devices for these purposes. And everyone is trying to choose a hood, taking into account both its technical characteristics and appearance. However, in order not to be mistaken in your choice, you should know what kitchen hoods are and what are their main differences.

what are the hoods for the kitchen

Cooker hood in the shape of a pyramid.

Why is the hood useful?

The most basic function of a cooker hood is to remove grease, soot and food odors from the air. At the same time, depending on the device, the air can be removed from the room to the street or into the ventilation shaft, or filtered without leaving the kitchen.

Another useful feature of the hood is the illumination of the working area using built-in lamps. In addition to purely functional properties, there is also an aesthetic advantage, since the presence of a hood gives the kitchen a certain grandeur and completeness.

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The device of modern hoods

The device of a kitchen hood is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. There are one or two fans inside the case, which are driven by motors.

They may be immediately followed by an air duct that leads to a mine or to the street, or there may be several more carbon filters in the event that it is a suspended structure.

Older models had a grease trap in the lower part of the case, in new ones it is hidden behind a decorative cover.

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Types of modern hoods

The hood is not considered something outlandish these days. Literally every housewife dreams of such a simple device, because it is thanks to him that you can preserve freshness in the kitchen, avoiding burning and stuffiness.

Hoods are currently offered by many manufacturers and exist in various versions.

  1. Suspended. They are also called “flat hoods”. They are mounted on the wall directly above the slab, used in cases where there is no outlet for ventilation. Their integral parts are a housing that has control buttons and lighting, as well as a fan and filters. As a rule, such designs contain additional filters in order to purify the air from burning, soot, grease and neutralize odors.
what kind of kitchen hoods are there

Suspended hood.

The principle of operation of this type of hood is recirculation, that is, during their operation, air is not removed from the boundaries of the kitchen, but only cleared of odors, grease, burning and soot, again returning to the kitchen.

The advantages of such structures are their low cost and stylish design. In addition, you can easily install such a hood with your own hands.

The main disadvantages are the rather high noise level and the need for frequent filter changes.

  1. Built-in hoods. They are installed in a suspended kitchen cabinet located above the stove. Hoods of this type can be divided into two groups: fully recessed and retractable, which are pulled out only when the stove is in operation.

This type is of higher quality than suspended counterparts. However, its price is slightly higher. In addition, in the event that the ventilation hole is not located next to the stove, such hoods allow you to hide the pipes, as a result of which the look of the kitchen does not deteriorate.

what are the kitchen hoods

Built-in hood.

  1. Dome, which are wall and island. These hoods differ in various design solutions and are made from a wide variety of materials. The installation instructions for each of the efficient models have their own differences. Their body can be either all-metal or include finishing elements made of wood and glass.

In this case, wall hoods are more common, the installation of which is carried out on the wall above the stove. Insular are less common.

Their use is justified only when the plate is located on the outrigger platform. Such structures are attached to the ceiling.

This type of hoods, as a rule, are made from better materials, which is determined by the operating conditions.

Often they are equipped with special sensors indicating the level of filter contamination, as well as remote controls. Their main consumer property is the ability to quickly and efficiently remove air.

Island hood. The photo shows the pollution sensor.

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The main indicator of the efficiency of any hood is performance. It is determined by the allocated cubic meters of air per hour.

Based on the accepted sanitary norms, the air in the kitchen should ideally be completely renewed at least 10 times within one hour. Thus, you can easily calculate the required power for the hood that is optimal for your kitchen.

Simply put, the volume should be multiplied by 12. In most cases, hoods have a capacity of 200-600 cubic meters per hour. However, there are also very powerful installations of 1000 cubic meters per hour.

Noise level

Having found out what kitchen hoods are and having chosen a model that is suitable in all respects, do not forget to check the noise level. According to the standard, it should not exceed 40 decibels.

And that's just as important as performance. You can see this information in the technical data sheet.

Advice! When buying, pay attention to the size of the hood. As a rule, it should be the same size as the hob or larger. Standard hoods are 60, 90, 120 cm.


It is difficult to say with certainty which type of hood will be better. In this issue, you need to take into account many factors, among which the material one is not the last.
A wide variety of such devices provides a huge selection, and therefore, today it is not difficult to choose the best option.

If you want to install the hood yourself, you can watch the video materials on our website. There is a lot of useful and interesting information here.

How to connect the hood in the kitchen - see here.


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