The easy way to refill gas cartridges that makes them reusable

  • Apr 07, 2021
The easy way to refill gas cartridges that makes them reusable
The easy way to refill gas cartridges that makes them reusable

Camping cylinders, used to provide fuel for camp kitchens, gas burners and some other equipment, are in most cases disposable. However, in reality, throwing away such wealth is an unacceptable luxury. Not everyone knows that "disposable" cans can actually be refilled quite simply. The main thing is to make an adapter and find (purchase) a large propane tank.

You will need a propane tank. | Photo:
You will need a propane tank. | Photo:

The main difficulty in refilling disposable cartridges with gas is to create an adapter. Fortunately, even a child can build it. For work, we need a pair of clamps, a gas hose, an old burner (such that it has a valve), a lining to the fitting and, in fact, the fitting itself to the cylinder.

Small cans can be refilled. | Photo:

First of all, we disconnect the nozzle at the gas burner. We attach the hose to the tube and fix it with a clamp. On the opposite end of the hose we put a fitting, which is also attached with the help of the clamp available in stock. It is he (the fitting) that will be placed on a large gas cylinder, and the other end, with a part from the burner, will be connected to the cartridge. Before refueling, the donor balloon must be placed on its side without fail.

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It is necessary to make an adapter from a fitting and a hose. | Photo:

Refueling takes just a few seconds. After collecting the whole system together and connecting an empty canister, open the valve and almost immediately screw it back. Before starting refueling, it will not be superfluous to "punch" through the Internet or look for data on its characteristics on the disposable can itself. Namely, how much it should weigh in a tucked state. With the help of the scales, it will subsequently be possible to determine whether the cartridge is completely filled. So, for example, a container weighing 95 grams after full propane filling weighs 220 grams.

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Refueling takes just a few seconds. | Photo:

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