The best cleaner: mix soap and soda. You can wash almost everything!

  • Dec 24, 2019
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Many of us do repairs in the apartment, repaired his country house. And so we know how difficult and sometimes virtually impossible to clean up all unnecessary after repair.

Paint, foam, it may be there, here and on the floor of the foam dries, the cement dripped, the silicone somewhere something smeared.

You need to solve the problem, but how?

Calling special services that suit cleaning after repairs conducted, sufficiently expensive. Therefore, this I certainly will not do.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

Open secret that there is a tool that you can do at home and improvised, which all schools will wash your repair is much better than a professional cleaning company.

Now I will write about it. All his friends gave him a prescription, they squeal with joy, all as cheap, easy and clean work!

This means there was a lot long before the modern cleaning products, and has established itself for decades with the best hand. It is absolutely safe.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

Wash it can be anything. Utensils, ceiling, floor, tile, toilet, sink, microwave oven and so on. This means all of the forces and the purity of it will provide radiant.

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And even if you suffer from allergies, then it is absolutely safe for you.

In order that would prepare it, you need to buy or find at home a piece of ordinary soap.

Then, to help us be a grater with large teeth. It is what we natrom soap by first placing grater in the pot, which will be designed for this facility.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

After rubbed soap, pouring hot water from the kettle. The proportion of soap and hot water must comply, as a one-to-one. That is, in the soap dish, add a cup of boiling water.

This material must be well mixed. You can even use a blender, along with his wash. Composition necessary stirring foam.

Smell, I can tell you it turns out to say the least not very much. Essential oil with a pleasing scent of you, it will somehow correct. The main essential oil to add quite a bit, that would be a little smell to repel.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

And the next, very important point. This foam substance with a smell you liked the most essential oils, it is necessary to add 150 grams of ordinary baking soda. And here again, using a blender or whisk for whipping eggs, most everything that does not eat thoroughly mixed.

But in principle, this process of making this miracle means and ends. And now you can use it to wash everything that your darling please.

And most importantly do not be afraid, though he did not smell very much, it is absolutely safe to use. And the area using a cleaning agent is very broad. They can be washed up to shine almost everything!

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