Bath broom worth more than money: knit brooms with their hands

  • Dec 24, 2019

Bath broom - an original Russian invention, a bath without it - it's just a bath, and just.

Broom is appreciated in many ways. First of all, this is a great massager he lashes flushed by the body, and stagnant blood accelerates. The essential oils contained in its leaves, improve metabolism and preventing skin aging.

And the man himself, relaxing beneath biting massage for a long time feel a surge of strength and health. Not surprisingly, there is a saying: "Bath broom worth more than money". It is only important to properly associate this amazing tool to experience maximum comfort in the bath.

How to Knit a bath brooms?

Harvesting birch bathhouse switches as follows.

Choose a tall young birch catkins without standing on solar woods. That trees do not suffer from each cut only a few branches. This should be done early in the morning. Collecting branches should not take very long.

The branches should be two or three forks - for good pressure. It is desirable that leaves them were small, again under the thick broom future.

Preparing a bundle of birch twigs length 40-50 cmImmediately proceed to the knitting. One broom take as many rods to handle was no thicker than 5 cm - to use large and heavy to be uncomfortable. Collecting branches in the broom, shake it a few times and turn so that the surface is smooth, dense, curly and beautiful.

knitting machinery brooms simple.

Branch attaches durable synthetic twine. The first node is placed closer to the end of the handle and tightened not very tight. Then divide in half broom and strongly rotate the two parts at 360 °, holding very firmly. If this first tie the knot too tight, easy to break branches.

To cut the second node over a long piece of twine and tie it on the bottom as tightly as possible. The ends of the twine is not cut, they are used to connect the two brooms in a pair. When you have finished knitting, you will only need a sharp ax to neatly cut off the ends of the branches on the handle.

Fresh broom in a pair for a few days hung in the attic under the roof to dry. When their leaves become brittle, each broom wrap paper, leaving only a free pen. Brooms stored in a suitable box without access to light.

Once dry brooms, sometimes knot weakens, and it needs to be re-knit.

Working with oak twigs for a bath is not much different from cooking birch. It is better to cut the branches with oak trees growing in shady places - there are more leaves, they hold fast and do not fall down.