What to do to your Spathiphyllum always bloomed magnificently and generously gave you a woman's happiness

  • Dec 24, 2019

10 years ago a friend gave me a housewarming pot Spathiphyllum, large variety of flowering white flowers, similar to a candle flame. Almost a month plant pleased me with their flowering, and then the snow-white petals turned green, petrified, they had to be cut. Since then, for 7 years, the pot did not know that such a rich color.

I do not remember all the manipulations with the poor plant, which I desperately tried to make in order to get him at least one flower. And even almost come to terms with what it means to me is not the time to be happy. But as it turns out you just have to take time favorite. I had to do, and what I do now for your green female happiness regularly.

for Spathiphyllum (female happiness) Care

The first thing I had to do - to thin out the flower. Over the years of his life in a pot, flowerpot, he released a huge number of children. And when he lives well, he spawns, so that the first and essential - transplant.


Spathiphyllum likes a slightly acidic soil, so do not be bothered, I bought a universal primer with a corresponding mark on the acidity.

Drainage holes must be in pots for virtually all known me flowers. A spread on the bottom layer of expanded clay required.

Plant planted deeply enough (5-8 cm, depending on the magnitude of rhizomes) was added dropwise. By the way, very young children I was giving. I reserve the larger and more powerful, rassazhivaya them into different pots. Above ground than does not cover, loosen the surface layer periodically. I do it every 2 weeks.


Spathiphyllum - a very undemanding plant, as shown by my practice. He is able to lift and fluff, saturate life has completely wilted and limp leaves as soon as it polesh. But he grew to a beautiful and healthy plant requires regular watering. I'm accustomed to water their flowers every morning at 7.00. Before going to work I in each pot female happiness pour 150 ml of water.

Room temperature water, I try to use only defended, but does not always work.

And, of course, the dose of watering depends on the size of the pot and the flower in it. My pots with a diameter of 30 cm, and the plants are large enough, and adults.


Women's happiness like to be a lot, but not aggressive. Bright direct sunlight will cause severe burns tender leaves. They turn yellow, wither on the tips, and the flower will have to shave. Therefore it is better to put on the windowsill only in those apartments, which have a gentle sunlight, bright - better to put the pots into the room.


Spathiphyllum - a plant that comes to us from the humid tropics and subtropics. All gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts say that the most poor and disastrous for this plant - the dry air.

Those who have a humidifier will be easier to maintain the desired atmosphere of the flower. The remaining recommendations, one - each day a flower spray the leaves with an atomizer. Not too abundant. Suffice it to 3-4 zilch to flower felt the pleasant coolness and humidity.


I distinguish this ritual alone, because my flowers just love this procedure. Once in 10 days I make them in the bathroom and bathe abundantly being sprayed with lukewarm water. 10 minutes exactly. Then give them a break, to drain excess water, is drained from the plates, all the water and sets the green handsome in its place. My plants are very fond of such a procedure.

I hope that will give you your Spathiphyllum flowers after they have received all of your care and affection. This wonderful flower is incredibly beautiful. Let it bring you not only a woman's happiness, well-being but also for the whole family!