The most unusual amusement park

  • Dec 24, 2019

Amusement park Linnanmaki Helsinki superficially similar to other such parks, but there is one very important difference.

Entrance to the park is free and it operates nine free rides (one for adults and eight children). The park belongs to the fund "Children's Day» (Lasten Päivän Säätiö) and all proceeds go to the park to charity.

In total, more than 40 park attractions. Here and in the most modern and scary roller coaster ...

... and a wooden roller coaster, running since 1951 (

At the entrance to the park indicating the year of its opening - 1950.

Before entering comic monument. In the center of Helsinki has a monument to the three blacksmithsAnd here these same blacksmiths eating ice cream.

The tower on the left - another pretty scary ride with the free fall, and the tower on the right - free Attraction-viewing platform, which platform is raised and lowered smoothly and slowly revolves around tower.

A great attraction for children - can dig this earth sitting on almost this excavator.

Many attractions are interactive. On this carousel faster pedaling, the higher rises cabin (by the way, this attraction is also free).

There are also water attractions.

I wonder how everything is thought out. Here is a "wet labyrinth" where in certain places sometimes begin to beat the jet of water and skip their turns are not always.

And next turbodryer allowing a few minutes to dry the baby after the maze. :)

In the middle of the park an old pumping station.

Now it is on the one hand attraction with slides in a virtual reality.

On the other performances by circus performers.

Artists are not only inside the tower, but also on the street.

Musicians entertain the audience.

In addition to rides, the park has a variety of shops and cafes.

There is a whole avenue of bonus games. Pay attention to the people in the crown. The park often hosts corporate team building, where conferences are held, and then the participants are resting in the park in the morning.

Even the public toilet in the park is a separate attraction. :)

Large detailed report about Linnanmaki Park read Alexei Solomatin:

P.S. Thank ferry company Finnlines for the opportunity to see the park. My story about traveling by ferry:

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