How to grow celery and a good yield

  • Dec 24, 2019
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Celery has a sharp flavor and a slightly bitter spicy taste. In the food consumed all of the components of the plant: seeds, roots, leaves, cuttings. Experienced gardeners believe that the leaves and stalks his softer than that of parsley. The celery leaves and tubers of many vitamins, lectins, different salts. In particular the Council is a miracle plant complete and mature aged people. Doctors say if celery makes better water - hydrochloric barter and prevents the formation of neuroses and the accumulation of fat. And it has many other medicinal qualities.

Celery - biennial plant. At first, it forms the socket tender leaves, and the second - the inflorescence and seeds that remain viable for about 5 years. Seeds of this plant are tiny, finned, greyish. In 1 g can count to 3,000 grains. He prefers celery uncharged or moderately acidic fertile loam, sunny and humid areas. Keep in mind that he does not like waterlogged. Before planting the plants need a profound plowing, especially if the person has decided to drop the root celery. I am pleased flaunts celery in areas where there were once cabbage, cucumbers and potatoes.

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Amateur growers prefer root of celery - for root whose diameter is 150 millimeters. This type of plant has a long period of development (from 100 to 200 days), so it is more likely to cultivate seedling method. Seeds sown in early spring. Since the seeds are small, for seeding in a container with a nutritive soil sprinkled over snow, tamped it rassypayut bit match seeds and distribute them over the surface by 100 mm from each other. Pot on top to cover them Steklyashka or cellophane, put in a warm place and wait for the young. The first two months of seedlings growing at a slow pace, so you need to be patient. Planting seedlings in the garden can be in late May, when there will be 5 strong leaves.

It should be remembered that celery does not react to the fresh manure. The land where the plant will grow, season rotted manure or compost special. Ideal would be, if you add another liter jar of ash wood. Seedlings should be placed at a distance of about 50 cm

Gather root celery needed in October - November. It is necessary to dig up using forks to cold, cut off the tops, to dry in the sun and lay down in the cellar.

Cherenkov leaf and celery can be grown seedling method, and sowing the seeds directly into the ground. A lot of green leaf celery harvested twice per season. The first time - in the middle of summer, when growing a huge number of leaves left in the middle, 5 leaflets. The second time - in the late autumn, when he grows lush foliage.

Stemmed celery 3 weeks before the collecting necessary to hill to the shanks are white and soft on the palate. Collect it usually before the first frost. If there is a greenhouse celery transplant here and doraschivat until tender.

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