A few simple tricks, by which money tree will look more healthy and beautiful

  • Dec 24, 2019
A photo: https://tayniymir.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/14i5a09ddaee0c537.84142555.jpg
A photo: https://tayniymir.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/14i5a09ddaee0c537.84142555.jpg

1. The correct form of the crown

To a money tree looks attractive, it must have a balanced symmetrical crown. To create it you need to regularly rotate the plant to the sun by different parties. The procedure for something vaguely similar to roasting shish kebab. Our task is to ensure that each branch has received the same amount of light. With this approach krona will develop evenly, which will allow to achieve the aesthetic symmetry.

Frequency of turning plants into the light does not matter. The procedure can be repeated daily, and can be once a week. The main thing that the lighting was uniform throughout the month.

2. Uniform thickness of the crown

Even the most symmetrical crown there are more and less dense areas. In order to avoid future occurrence of bald spots, a place with a few sprigs longer need to keep the sun. To do this, you can create a special regime plants turn to light, in which the more dense areas will be in the shade a little longer.

Where the shoots grow too fast, should be regularly pinched and pruning. it is not necessary to delay the final procedure. Removal of large branches gives money tree serious stress.

3. Juiciness and elasticity leaves

The beauty of the money tree is its elastic fleshy glossy leaves. That they retain decorative appearance, the plant should be watered with warm soft water defended. During the summer, watering should be done several times a week, and in the cold weather period only upon the soil drying. Crassula stagnant water can not stand.

An indicator of the quality of irrigation are the leaves. If they become lethargic and lose elasticity, watering should be a little more frequent. The main thing to avoid spillovers and stagnant water.

4. The overall tone of the wood

Jade was used to survive in the harsh conditions of the arid regions of Africa, Madagascar and South Arabia, therefore, it is of secondary importance for its existence humidity. However, if this figure is very low, the plant will lose decorative appearance.

In the conditions of the apartment air can dry heaters, so with the arrival of cold cash leaves of the tree should be regularly cleaned with a damp sponge. To create a favorable microclimate, near the plant should place the container with water. It is desirable that the evaporation surface is as large as possible. Perfectly suited plates, bowls and saucers.

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