NYM cable: main characteristics and application

  • Dec 26, 2019

Many electricians use in their work the test of time and many generations of masters of VVG cable, the characteristics of which are ideal for virtually any environment. But there is a worthy rival of the conductor species, namely - NYM cable that is no less quality and durable than the domestic VVG.

Cable apparatus NYM

NYM is a classic cable, this means that in addition to the insulation of the conductors, it also has a shell and additional protective mixture which substantially does not light, thus preventing the spread of fire.

Before proceeding to the specifications of the conductor, it is necessary to understand its structure, which is represented in detail in Fig.

Fig. 1. (Figure taken from Yandex. Images)
Fig. 1. (Figure taken from Yandex. Images)
  1. Insulation of conductors made of an acceptable and very popular in electrical PVC. It has a long service life and high resistance that provides secure absence of contact between adjacent conductors.
  2. The conductors are made of copper. NYM cable design provides from 1 to 5 such lived protected insulation with different color-coded.
  3. Special melonapolnennaya rubber which is a kind of non-combustible sealant. At high temperatures it does not light, and begins to decay slowly.
  4. The cable jacket is made of PVC.

The name of the cable has the transcript: N - recognized German standard Normenleitung, Y - PVC insulation, M - not install in a variety of operating conditions and temperature environments. German degree of quality of the cable is rather high and recognized international standards.

Specifications NYM cable

NYM cable has been used successfully in the benign conditions of the home, and the serious species production. Because of its non-flammable protective sheath, the wire can be installed in wooden structures.

High quality PVC cabling allows open in constant contact with the environment. But instructed the manufacturer warns about the need to protect the cables from direct sunlight.

Figure 2: Appearance NYM cable
Figure 2: Appearance NYM cable


  • Voltage - 660 V. NYM cable in single phase 220 V and three-phase networks with a voltage of 380 V.
  • Frequency - 50 Hz.
  • Allowed intended use of the cable when the ambient temperature from -50 to +50 C0 C0.
  • cabling must occur at ambient temperature of at least -5 C0.
  • Number of cores - from 1 to 5.
  • Sectional area of ​​living - from 1.5 mm2 to 35 mm2.
  • Service life - not less than 35 years.
  • Warranty period - 5 years with proper installation of the cable and the observance of the technical recommendations for use.

The operational life of the cable depends on its correct installation. Main - compliance with the bending radius bends and branches of the cable which has to make 4 total cable diameter.

Figure 3: Comparison of cable VVG and NYM
Figure 3: Comparison of cable VVG and NYM

The main advantage of this conductor in his recognized as leading experts who are constantly checked by the manufacturer before the start of sales of new products. Cable NYM elastic, flexible, and thus has a long service life.

It is used in a domestic environment, and even buried in the soil. The only disadvantage of this conductor in it too high a price policy which is entirely due to the required quality.