New Life "killed" brezhnevki 35 m²

  • Dec 27, 2019

Designer Oleg Kulyk combined kitchen with a living room, a sofa bed built of plywood and veneer is replaced the curtains on the windows. And instead of a bath or a shower there was a Japanese font in the bathroom.

Dining table and chairs, as well as suspension and floor lamp - the only pieces of furniture that had to purchase for this interior. Everything else was just a part of finishing. For example, he took a wooden chest of drawers, which are embedded in the screen heating radiator under the window of an entire wall in the living room. The surface of the dresser smoothly into the sill, and on it are moving guide screens - deaf and with holes. They replace traditional curtains.

In the depths of the apartment built a stepped podium. In its upper part - the mattress to the lifting mechanism, so you can store bedding and rarely used items. At the bottom was put pillows to get a makeshift couch.

It was necessary to ensure maximum storage locations in a small apartment. Therefore, here we established once two large cupboards. One is located behind the headboard, the other separates the bedroom from the hallway. And both have provided open shelves, decorated tree. This is an alternative to conventional bedside tables, for which there simply was no place.

Kitchen and was once almost a ten, but now looks even more spacious due to the white headset and a high glass apron. It reflects light and lifts the ceiling. It was convenient to get to the upper cabinets, and in the hallway and the kitchen stools provided on a metal frame. A column cabinets in the corner made it possible to build not only a fridge and oven, but also a washing machine and dishwasher.

In the small bathroom did not fit a full-size bath. But to expand it at the expense of the corridor or install the shower did not. Instead, the designer chose a font cast in the Japanese style, in which you can dive up to his neck - the most expensive object in the whole interior.

Another unusual solution - concrete tiles instead of four colors on the walls. It covered with a special water-repellent solution and the wax to achieve the effect of a silky surface.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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