Activated carbon - a real godsend for houseplants. What it is and how to apply

  • Dec 24, 2019
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Activated carbon, which is freely available in any drugstore, contains not contain any nutrients, beneficial to indoor plants. Based on it can not be done dressing or fertilizer. Despite this, for growers around the world, he is a real wand - wand. What is its use? Why is he so valued?

What is the use of activated charcoal?

All the benefits of activated carbon is in its absorbent properties. That is capable of absorbing a liquid and gaseous substances. This is due to a huge number of pores that are located throughout the surface of the material.

Depending on the manufacturing technology area activated carbon can vary several times. However, such details are important in medicine and industry. Floriculture you can use any type of drug, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

The absorption of substances is good, however, as it can be used in horticulture?

How to use activated charcoal

1. For the treatment of open wounds in plants

Fine powder of activated carbon used for the treatment of open wounds that have appeared during the trimming, division and random mechanical damage. The absorbent material absorbs excess liquid, creating some sort of protective layer which becomes a barrier to pathogenic bacteria.

For wound treatment, the entire surface of the damaged layer should be thick powder activated carbon.

2. To combat the mildew on the surface of the soil

Use of activated carbon can be removed from the white mold on the soil surface in pots. By removing the top layer of the earth, and the remaining substrate abundantly sprinkle powder. The sorbent absorbs excess moisture and prevent the formation of mold. In should be changed several times during the week posypku coal.

Since the procedure requires a large amount of coal, the drug can be purchased in bulk. A small bag weighing 500 grams will cost 200-250 rubles.

3. To restore soil quality

activated carbon powder in various proportions may be added to the water for irrigation. This is done to restore and improve the overall quality of the soil. Coal will reduce acidity and relieves contained in the land of chemicals and bacteria. The solution should be applied in the case of acidification of the substrate or ingress of harmful elements. For a healthy earth, he would not be useful.

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