The ideal bedroom: 13 design ideas from designers

  • Dec 27, 2019

How to make a bedroom unique, only yours, corresponding to your character and way of life? Sometimes it is enough to add a few details. Look at the 13 photos from good examples bedroom interior to inspire a small repair or alteration.

Select to bed bright textile headboard to comfortably read in bed. In this case, it will be the subject of accent and the decor in the bedroom.

Turn an entire wall in the headboard. To do this, you can put soft wall or bulky wood paneling on all the width of the wall.

Be the individuality and turn the wall in the museum named after himself. Fix your favorite posters, print funny pictures, save family photos, drawings and crafts children.

Choose any style and mix it with the modern. For example, here are reminiscent of country posters with bulls and textured textiles.

Or select a bohemian style with wicker panels over the bed, living plants and pillows with colorful prints.

Create an atmosphere of a country house in the Provencal style, with floral wallpaper, furniture, retro shapes and pastel shades.

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Floral pattern need not be small. Designer wallpaper with giant flowers or watercolor painting, too, can become an ornament to the bedroom.

Try an unexpected color combinations. For example, on a background of beige walls, add accents of turquoise and pink on background - green.

For a more rigorous bedrooms men choose textiles and wallpapers that resemble picture on the costume fabric. They go perfectly with the black, white, gray and red shades of natural wood.

Add glamor using velvet, brass and gold. Sometimes just enough to paint the frame of the bed, lamps or chairs legs.

Experiment with mirrors, and especially - with mirrored furniture. Bedside tables and chest of drawers are capable of doing more than almost any modern bedroom.

It is able to transform any bedroom only one organza the segment. You can choose a bed with a canopy on the perimeter, secure it at the head only, or even issue them a part of the ceiling.

Do not be afraid of provocative pictures. After all, in your bedroom unlikely to be outsiders who confuse such art.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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