Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 13)

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this series, I talked about how you can use old plastic bottles for the benefit of the garden and suburban life. Of the many options I select only the most useful and practical, which might need me the most.

1. To fix the film on the greenhouse

This method suggested my subscriber, for which I am very grateful to him. The essence of the method is as follows. It is necessary to take two and a half liter bottles, fill them with water and connect a long rope. (Tying the easiest of the neck).

After that, we throw our accommodation over the greenhouse with the film so that the bottle lying on the ground, and the rope was taut. This will protect the film from the strong gusts of wind.

2. Carrying firewood

A photo:
A photo:

Rectangular plastic containers can be adapted for carrying firewood from the woodpile to the house or a bath. It is sufficient to cut the container wall by means of hot knife.

Device is not very elegant, but it will allow more wood to capture and keep clothes clean.

Carry firewood will be easier if you simultaneously use two such devices. Taking each hand canister carrying will counterbalance each other.

3. Mousetrap

From a plastic bottle, thick wire and a few wooden bars, you can make a homemade trap. And unlike analog purchased, the device will not cause harm to the animals.

Provided that there are at hand all the necessary materials to build will take no more than 60 minutes. Of the tools we will need is a hammer, awl, and drill on wood. You can read the detailed process of creation in one of my previous articles.

The essence of the trap action is quite simple. At the very end of the bottle, close with the bottom, is filled edible bait. The animal gets into the bottle to eat food, and when it's going to come out, the trap is tilted and the entrance is blocked plaque. The mouse turns into a trap from which it will not be able to get out.

Regularly check the trap set to spot prisoner.

4. Feeder for cat

A photo:
A photo:

Of the two plastic bottles can make a bird feeder for pets. Moreover, the device itself will be dosed amount of feed supplied.

In the context of a summer residence, this trough has several advantages:

  • Dry food, which is in a manger, not exhaled. This means that it will be eaten and not thrown away;
  • The trough is filled with just a few days, so you will not be distracted from their work;
  • To create will take no more than 15 minutes, and from the tool only need a pair of scissors;

The trough consists of two six liter rectangular cans, which are inserted into one another at an angle of 90 degrees. In the lower part of the slotted hole which will eat pet.

All sharp edges must be treated with sandpaper or seal with adhesive tape.

5. Surface drip irrigation

A photo:
A photo:

Earlier I talked about how to use the plastic bottles can make a device for basal watering plants. However, this type of receiving water is not suitable for all vegetable crops. Therefore, an alternative embodiment of the surface of drip irrigation. Its essence lies in the fact that the moisture enters the soil from the surface, as it occurs during rain or watering watering can.

To create a system of surface drip irrigation, we need only plastic containers, thick sewing needle and a line with a marker.

  • Take a ruler and draw a marker on the wall of the canister straight line;
  • After that, we heat a thick sewing needle and puncture the canister small holes. The holes have to go straight on the marked line at a distance of about 3 cm. from each other;
  • We fill the can with water and placed on a bed next to the plants. The canister should be based directly on our line, where the holes are located. In order to fix it can be a bit prikopat ground.

That's all, our system is ready to surface drip irrigation. For convenience, in the upper portion of the bottle is possible to cut a hole for filling cans with water via a hose.

On the other methods useful application you can read on my website: Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 1)

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