Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 12)

  • Dec 27, 2019

The yard is already mid-March, so I decided to make a small selection of useful ways to use of plastic bottles that are relevant just for the season.

In this article I will discuss how to make the markers to mark planting, decorative fence and makeshift warmer for plants.

1. Labels for signature landings

A photo:
A photo:

Of opaque plastic bottles can be cut small labels to sign landings. This is done in order not to confuse similar varieties and species of plants.

Apply text on the plastic surface is best permanent waterproof marker. This ensures the preservation of the inscriptions throughout the season.

Unlike purchased markers are embedded in the paper, such labels are not afraid of rainfall and strong winds.

Similar varieties is desirable to sign in different colors, so you can divide the landing even if the label is unreadable. (Of course, if the type and color pre-marked in your gardening blog)

Tag labeled desirable sink into the ground by at least 2/3 of its height. This is done to ensure that during the season it is not accidentally pulled out and not lost.

2. decorative fence

A photo:
A photo:

Earlier, I wrote that of the bottles can be a practical small fence around the beds. However, its design is not particularly elegant and could hardly serve as a decoration of the flower bed. Fortunately, this was not the only option fence of recycled plastic.

From the old colored bottles can be made quite beautiful decorative fence for flower beds. The creation of 3 meters of the fence it will take no more than a couple of hours. The whole process is divided into three steps:

  • Cut the plastic bottle walls fence. To do this, fit the usual stationery scissors or a red-hot knife. Size, color and shape are chosen to taste;
  • In each "dosochki" cut through two holes with a tie;
  • Fence is placed on the belt to form a fence.

It is not necessary to cut too narrow "dosochki", is much more complex work, and you'll quickly get tired.

3. Warmer for beds

A photo:
A photo:

In spring and autumn, when the difference between day and night temperatures are too high, plastic bottles can be used as heaters for the beds. This simple but very effective way of allowing the plant to warm throughout the night. The essence of the method is as follows.

It is necessary to take a few dark-liter plastic bottles, fill them with water and spread out on a bed along the landings. Day of bottled water will be heated, and in the late afternoon heat starts to give. Thus, the landing will be able to survive the coldest hours a day.

The larger the bottle, the longer it will warm. Five-liter canisters can keep warm throughout the night. However, we must note that the packaging should be dark, otherwise it will be difficult to warm up the water.

On the night warmer with landings are covered by any covering materials to keep warm as long as possible.

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