Does it make sense to buy for the garden fertile soil

  • Dec 27, 2019
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A photo:; s = 644x461

Gardening, which I was fortunate to get the site, located in the Leningrad region in place of the old marsh. During the Soviet era, when the marsh was dried and broken into 6 acres, few people thought about such things as soil fertility, drainage, ground water, etc. As a result, many areas have practically unsuitable for high-grade fruit and vegetable growing.

In this situation, we can say that I was even lucky. was quite a lot of peat, sand and even attended the black earth on my site. Of course, the proportions were not perfect, but nothing to complain about had.

On receipt of the cherished hundred many years had passed. Under the influence of rainfall, soil water and constant gardening (Let us not forget that culture takes a lot of nutrients), The earth began to turn into a dead substrate. Yields gradually decreased, and the brighter start to appear the competition for micronutrients among plants.

We had to do something

With the situation it was necessary to do something. Of course, the question was not so urgent, but also to spend every year their forces, too, did not want to waste. It was decided to buy the car of fertile soil.

By the spring of digging for money and I ordered the station 10 cubic meters of earth. It specifies in advance that this would be a quality soil with an approximate proportion of 20/30/50 (sand / humus / peat). I even showed some certificates. (They looked, however, as if they ate fish, but what else I did not have).

Now I can not remember how much fun it is worth it, but the money was great at the time.

I was deceived delivery

I fully paid for the purchase in the store, I got a receipt and went to her expected delivery. The car arrived at the appointed time, but it was in the back of 7 cubic meters, no more. (At one time, I worked a little at a construction site, so to estimate the volume can quite accurately). The driver said that I do not quite understand it, dumped the earth on the road next to the house and left.

I can not say that the quality of the soil was brought very bad, but the proportion is clearly not respected. Since it was impossible to return the goods, I mobilized the whole family on the transfer of land on the site.

While we dragged the ground, gathered around a lot of neighbors asking for one at the bucket. I am not a greedy, so another half a cubic meter of my dispersed by neighbors. A small portion was left on the road, a little bit in a ditch and bushes. In general, on a site I received a 6 cubic meters. And thanks for that.

Is it profitable to buy was

In the first year of planting it was evident that a new ground. The harvest was better, and had to use a smaller feedings. Despite the hype of the seller, the purchase, I was pleased.

After that was another fertile year, and the ground began to "die." Yields gradually returned to previous levels, and cultures have become again experiencing micronutrient deficiencies.

After five years of my purchase was gone. Even a small hill, which was after the addition of the land, quickly washed away by rains.

Manure and compost were more profitable

As a result, five years later, I went back to add manure in the soil and compost.

It was easier and cheaper to purchase fertile soil. Besides, this way I can keep track of their own proportions that I find quite important.

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