Useful use of the old hose in the country

  • Dec 27, 2019

Damaged garden hoses are no longer suitable for watering the garden, but it does not mean that they should be immediately disposed of in the trash. From this it can be recycled to make a lot of useful and practical things. Some of them I'll discuss in this article.

1. universal mat

A photo:
A photo:

From the old hose can make a great mat that can be put in a recreation area, in front of the door, in the barn, and even the toilet. Creation takes no more than 30 minutes. Only need the old hose and a set of plastic clamps for tie.

Despite the variety of shops counterparts, so pad has its own advantages:

  • The cost of the mat is minimal. Only have to spend money on plastic homutki which optionally can be replaced free of charge wire;
  • To create do not need special skills and equipment. Will need only a flat floor;
  • hose in any condition suitable for the manufacture of carpet. It does not matter, there is a hole in it, cracks or cuts. On product functionality is not reflected;
  • The surface of the mat does not slide even after rain;
  • Mat does not require special care, and it does not need to clean for the winter in the room;
  • You can make a rug of any size. No need to adjust to the standards of shoplifting.

Of the several hoses can be colored mat with uncomplicated pattern. The product is not very elegant, but it is practical and reliable.

2. Basket

A photo:
A photo:

Hose and plastic homutkov can be done not only to the mat, but also an excellent basket of dirty clothes.

To create a basket, you must first find the form, and then wrap it around the hose. Each branch fasten plastic homutkom. As the shape of the plastic may serve as a barrel, a bucket or other container round.

The main disadvantage of such a basket is weight. Therefore, the product is best used in one place.

3. Protection Tool

A photo:
A photo:

From a small cutting hose get a great protection for the axes, saws and sickles. Cut along the small piece of hose and put on the blade. Thus, you will protect the tool and arm in the fall or rough handling.

Soft rubber hose will not harm even the most sharp blade, so worry about the tool is not necessary.

To protect the best kept longitudinal section needs to be done only in the middle of the hose (as shown above).

4. comfortable handle

A photo:
A photo:

To the metal handle of the bucket does not cut his hand on it, you can put on a little scrap of a hose. The system is very similar to protection for the instrument.

The hose can be attached to the handle with the help of duct tape, and can be used only in case of need, each time removing and putting again.

Such a system is suitable for all handles and cutting surfaces.

5. Drip irrigation

A photo:
A photo:

If the hose is worn out, and began to flow, do not throw it in the trash. From it you can still make the system of drip irrigation. To do this, put a hose on a bed next to the crop plants. Further beside each bush make a small hole for water.

Periodically supplying the water pressure in the system of drip irrigation, each plant will receive a small dose of moisture. In such a system has several advantages:

  • The water reached to the plants warms up to summer temperatures, comfortable for most crops;
  • You do not have to run around with a watering can and spend a lot of physical effort;
  • Each plant will get just the right amount of moisture. You will be able to avoid spillovers and "forgotten" bushes.

Water in drip irrigation may be supplied from both barrels, and from the central conduit.

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