Frozen water pipe in the freezer. Your odds of the Lord, whether the pipe bursts?

  • Dec 28, 2019

I'm always interested in the question, Will the plastic pipe freezing water? I heard that polypropylene tubes can withstand multiple freeze cycles, defrost. It is not about the reinforced pipes. Therefore, in order not to be unfounded, I will check "myth" of the endurance of the pipe to freeze.

Also check the connection fittings a sealed using a gas burner, as well as drilled recovered combined clutch. Links to an article at the end of this "epic"

I made two flasks, one labeled "fire" the threaded part is sealed using a gas burner.

In a second flask, the threaded portion has been drilled out and sealed again.

In the lower part of our products are sealed polypropylene caps, in the usual way.

We fill our experimental tube with water under the same neck and twists stoppers. One conventional brass tube, the second of the threaded portion of the hose and 10 cents, a reference to this artful crafts know where it will do.

Here in this form, completely filled with water, I send them to the stove freezer.


According to my speculation tube should break at the weakest point, it is likely to plug brass or place of fire combined clutch connection.

X hour has come

Pull out the tube from the refrigerator frozen womb after two days ...

To my great regret broken pipe fitting or torn, we do not observe.

There are only longitudinal lines on the pipe, showing a crack occurs.

Photo closer.

Well, that remains just check under the pressure up, and make sure that the pipe has deteriorated. For this I use a homemade opresovschik and inflated to 16 atmospheres.

Pilot tube, to my surprise, withstood the pressure. He did not miss through the cracks. I had to cut up the phone and find out the depth of the crack.

Apparently it bursts only the upper part of the polypropylene tube. Most likely it is exposed to ultraviolet light and lose elasticity.


As seen from the experiment single pipe can withstand freezing. So I will assume that this is not a "myth", but a reality! Maybe I did something wrong, do not you think?

  • Fittings sealed using a gas burner - link
  • Drilled recovered plastic fitingi-link
  • Cap of 10 cents - link
  • Pressure testing of the sprayer -link