Head of forced transfer pipe "buhovichka".

  • Dec 28, 2019

The other day the chief offered to make a lamp from the water pipes in the form of man. You must build a kind of hand- Maid. What he needed such a lamp is unknown to me, the chief of their quirks. No sooner said than done.

Googling I found that this trend of "art" has its name- style "loft". For me to build anything from tubes, especially of plastic, it is easy to work unnecessarily plumber.

The first step is to call in the hardware store and dial the necessary components for the man of the pipes, if there is no partner pobuhat companion.

The list of required materials at the end of the article.
The list of required materials at the end of the article.

Thus transfer of material do the first time, but my hands in the last 10 years growing from the right place so no big deal, proceed.

1) Initially, we do pelvic-femoral part with limbs. Picture 2.

2) solder torso and shoulder belt. Tk cross fitting had not found a special drill tee Drill, a reference to it in the end. Picture 3.

3) Next, install the hands "buhovichku". If you are doing for yourself that you can attach to derzhak stack or bladder.

To make our "drugan" was practical, it is necessary to make him a lamp.

5) Putting the cervical spine as in the photo below. Inside a steel wire is pulled. With some difficulty but it passes inside the pipe. With its help we protal power cord for the lamp.

6) In the anus area make suitable drill hole. And to catch the wire stick before. Feel like a surgeon.

7) Further, this tie wire feeding cable for the bulb.

8) and drags it inside the housing.

9) Burke end of the wire and install a cartridge for light bulbs. Thus we strengthen patron-wire bundle. As it is necessary to drag back the cartridge via supply wires.

10) Pull the wire through the rear opening.

11) It should look like this. Baska "buhovichka" on the spot.

12) It remains to attach the switch and we drugan for vodkoizliyany ready.

But for those who do not consume alcohol-based special photo products for you:

Necessary materials.

Wire with plug, 2-metra. 120 rubles
LED lamp with ceramic cartridge (G 5.3) - 70 rubles
Switch 30 rubles.
7 parts of Ø 20 mm. 90 gr.
7 parts of Ø 20 mm. 45 gr.
4 stub Ø 20 mm.
2 tees one Ø 20 mm is drilled on through. Special sverlom- link.
Pipe Ø 20, 1.5 meters
Going 25h20 ceramic cartridge is inserted into it.

Be sure to pick up the material in store, there may be schools and have to use additional material.

This "buhovichok" cost us about 300 rubles and 2 hours of time.

Does the boss was satisfied? I do not know, I leave this very hack into the receiving unnecessarily it was not there.

Special sverlo- link to the article.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.