The plumber is not required to remove their shoes in your apartment.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Causing the apartment to repair plumbing, be prepared that you have to scrub the floors from dirt basement. The plumber did not maliciously trampled on your carpets, he is forced to do so in certain cases. plumber'm working and I have tips for you how to protect your flooring from dirt basement.

Plumber often takes off his shoes in the following cases:

1) Accident in your apartment. If you have a wet floor is natural feet wet or who will not.

2) plumber heavily loaded and he must run around a lot, "apartments". For example air in large quantity lowers flats during start heating.

3) In the apartment dirty floors and the plumber does not want to "sully its clean socks dirty floors."

4) Under the boots are holey socks. It is a shame.

5) For a day of running around on applications feet sweat heavily and "smell" of the legs is so horrible that it protects your mind from the shock.

6) In the apartment dirty jobEg cleaning sewage.

7) Fear pick up a fungus or other disease.

8) Shoes plumbing is a means of individual protection. And according to the rules of TB, do not remove them during the work.

"If you have turned on the leg holey sock - is the fact that you are now sure to find yourself at someone at a party ..." Morihei Ueshiba

Is recovered from dirt floor with basements.

1) Make a stock shoe covers. And offer plumbers once come to you on request. Shoe covers also come in handy if the medical staff to you.

2)Keep a stock of newspapers. Collect the spam mailbox and lay on the floor before their arrival.

3)Roll up all the carpets aisle seats with plumbing. Required.

I like the job description in black and white that it was written that plumbers "I do NOT have to take off your shoes". But if the work is to be no threat of flooding I rented shoes in a clean apartment "Feet to rest" And my socks do not stink, I write it for malicious commentators.

PSS) Like on March 1, plumbers are required to wear their shoe in the apartments, but our work is not adjusted to the new rules. So we go on until the old ...

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