I ordered a bag with aliekspress. Overview plumbing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Leaving on the application I have to drag an iron tool in the form of keys in his "study" which is usually a toilet or a place under the sink in the kitchen. To clarify the situation, the new blog readers skazhu- work plumber, do not be surprised. So, before the tool is carried in a bag, but not entirely easy. With a minimum of pockets. And to find the right key had to turn half a bag. Recently I decided to treat myself and buy a special bag for tools. In the shops of the city I have not found anything good and decided to order online Aliekspress. My requirements to the bag were as follows:

1) The compactness.(But that was part of a second pipe wrench number)
2) Strength. (Constant load on the bag in the form of iron keys)
3) convenient (The presence of many pockets)

Poryskav site within three hours of my choice was fairly well-known firm WORKPRO. Large selection of different bags for hard workers like me, I bribed. Having multiple reviews also inclined me to choose this manufacturer.

By the end I had the bag in a week after the order is sent from Russia. I present you the photo report:

Bag in a loaded state.

The main handle durable, with soft Velcro.

shoulder strap.

Accessories reinforced.

Two powerful castle.

Water-repellent material.

Along the lock extends a metal rod for strengthening the structure and holding the bag in an expanded state.

Rigid bottom, inside the plastic sheet.

My minimum set in the bag.

Size XL 46 cm bags * 22 * ​​24 cm cm. I chose the biggest size and miscalculated. For my needs require a smaller bag. I decided to leave this bag for a gift to his brother, birthday just a month later. A Statement will order at least. The benefit they produce different sizes.

Quality bag is excellent, the main kapron thread stitched seams and water repellent material, inspires trust. The price of the bag is adequate, the actual price tag to date can be found at aliexpress - link.

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